Techniques for Success in Sex Work

No matter what kind of sex work you'd like to do, you'll find entering the industry a little intimidating. I've found decent success online through specific marketing and business techniques. As fun as this job can be, it is still a business, and entrepreneur skills benefit you. Here are several methods inspired by more traditional industries that I've used to find success in sex work, especially when starting out.

Engage on social media

Clients look for personality in addition to a sexy bod. It's one thing to have a presence on social media, but these platforms have the potential to show how genuinely sexy and interesting you are. Follow sex workers you admire, media sites you use, and content creators such as blogs. Limit spammy links to your content, and instead, involve yourself in natural conversations, then make content available using things such as pinned tweets. Events like Sex Talk Tuesday or hashtags such a #MasturbationMonday give you the opportunity to talk about sexy topics without sounding canned. Twitter and Instagram mandatory. I would recommend Tumblr too if your niche has a popular community.

Avoid RT accounts

 Squarespace's drag and drop interface is easy to learn and use.

Squarespace's drag and drop interface is easy to learn and use.

These accounts are usually run by men who can't afford content or sessions, so they will retweet SWs who follow them on Twitter to give them more visibility. Think about that - the vast majority of the followers of RT accounts are other sex workers looking to be promoted, not potential clients. These accounts only provide empty engagement and they can look scammy. You're not trying to go viral; You want to connect with clients, and you won't through RT accounts.

Create a Website

A website helps you to look significantly more professional and organized.  I used Squarespace as a landing page, then host more explicit content on other sites like ManyVids. Squarespace and other sites such as Wix allow you to drag and drop elements, so someone with limited technical skills can figure it out with a little patience and googling. Don't forget to look at their terms and conditions to see what is and isn't allowed. Post your website anywhere you can think of without spamming.

Get into the Head of Your Ideal Client

 I developed this persona by talking to clients and using analytics.

I developed this persona by talking to clients and using analytics.

This is a marketing and user experience design strategy. Think about your ideal client: How old are they? Male or female? Do they have a partner or are they single? Marketing experts call this a persona. You can use analytics from social media and your website to gather some of these demographics, but with others, you'll be speculating or talking to established clients. Once you have a lot of life information figured out, get into their head, and think about what they would do to find content or services. Do they google a phrase? Do they go straight to a clips site? Do they scroll through Twitter all day, waiting until they can get home? If you have followers on social media, it may be helpful to ask "How did you find my content?" Use this to determine how you invest your time and energy.

Research SEO

The science of search engine optimization (SEO) focuses figuring out what search engines look for, and then orienting your content around those terms. Figure out a few phrases that you want to lead to your site, then use SEO techniques to make sure you're on the first page for that search result. Start with the series SEO for Sex Bloggers by Ace in the Hole. That might mean that you'll have to specialize "BBW anal clips" or "BBW smoking fetish" and so on. This can seriously affect the number of eyes that come across your work.

List Yourself in Directories

Google results for this term includes several directories.

Kink providers should find this tip especially helpful. Think about the phrases that your marketing persona from step four might use. Type that bad boy into a search engine and see what pops up. For example, a Pro Domme in Portland might google "Portland dominatrix." If you do so, you'll find some sites for individual providers, but you'll also find directories full of providers, such as Dickie Virgin, Under Her Heel, and Eros. Some of these sites charge to list you, while others require you to post their banner on your site. This is something you'll have to weigh yourself; You don't want your site to look spammy or even like a traditional business. However, if you believe that the benefits outweigh the risks, it can be very helpful for bringing in traffic, as well as increasing your standings on search engines.

If you follow these steps, you will receive exposure to your target market. Follow that with excellent content and services, and you're headed for success!

I may go into more detail on any of these steps later on. If you have a technique you borrowed from business, list it in the comments. Let me know how these steps have helped you.