"I thought I was a sociopath": Sadism and Guilt, Part I

At fifteen years old, in a car ride home with a group of friends, I nervously announced that I must be evil. Several people in my friend group, most of us teenagers, had just watched a torrented copy of the 2005 film Hard Candy starring Ellen Page. One scene in the movie includes what I would now call a mindfuck. In kinky play, mindfuckry means using theatrical elements to convince someone that you’re doing something extreme to them, while you are in fact doing something much safer. In Hard Candy, Ellen Page’s character convinces her victim that she has castrated him. The viewer doesn’t know the truth until later - We’re caught up in this grisly torture as it happens. And I, watching from a musty couch in a crowded living room, felt hot and bothered…

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Techniques for Success in Sex Work

No matter what kind of sex work you'd like to do, you'll find entering the industry a little intimidating. I've found decent success online through specific marketing and business techniques. As fun as this job can be, it is still a business, and entrepreneur skills benefit you. Here are several methods inspired by more traditional industries that I've used to find success in sex work, especially when starting out…

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Introduction to Nanny & "Nanny's Thoughts"

Hello all!

If you haven't come across my work before, allow me to introduce myself: I am a professional and lifestyle Dominant woman, specifically a Caretaker for littles and adult babies. You may call me Nanny Grace or Miss Grace. 

I have started this blog to share my thoughts and things I have learned along the way…

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