What are your rates?


This is a very difficult question to answer because this varies so much depending on what is being asked for. To give you an estimate, I need the answers to these questions:

  1. How many hours would you like to stay?

  2. Are you staying over night?

  3. Are we going on an outing?

  4. Are you interested in wetting your diaper?

Please contact me with what you are looking for in detail for me to give you the most accurate estimate.


What is your availability? 


Check my Trips page to see when I am traveling and what my availability is during travel. If you would like an in-person session, contact me at least 3 - 5 days before the day you would like your session, as we need time to negotiate and develop an understanding of each other.


Do you allow release during your in-person sessions?


I know that many of the things that I offer are titillating. I understand that! While I hope that's not the sole reason that you are seeking me out, I understand that it is probably among the reasons. However, I tend to focus on the kink side of things. Due to personal preference and the laws that are in place, I don't offer any sexual services. This includes any sort of genital contact; My panties will stay on the entire time we are together, and if something requires touching your genitals, such as putting on a chastity device, I will ask you to do it yourself. However, the memories from your session that you take home with you are yours to keep forever. What you do with those memories is your business.