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Nanny’s Services

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Icon by Cuddlehooves

Whether near or far, I can care for you. For trusted little ones, I have a growing nursery in Orlando, Florida where I can provide you with a special experience. For ongoing love and attention from anywhere in the world, I also offer the continuous "girlfriend" experience of checking in, reminding you to do your chores and assignments, and sending my motherly love from my home to your phone or computer.

Now that you've gotten to know my philosophy regarding domination, reach out and let me know how I can care for you! Find instructions on how to do so on the Contact Nanny page. I look forward to meeting you!


About Nanny

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Icon by Cuddlehooves

I provide every little one under my care with special attention, discipline, rewards, mentorship, and, of course, that much-needed break from adult life that littles and ABDLs desire. As a Mommy Domme, I deeply value authenticity, intimacy, and nurturing.  I can be lively, even silly. Whether we're watching cartoons together or you're getting an OTK spanking, we're both going to be laughing and smiling. With a playful, sex-positive, and collaborative attitude, I aim to understand where you are on your journey and help you grow, making me friendly both for people new to kink and experienced players looking to explore.

As an ABDL babysitter, my approach to dominance comes from a place of nurturing, instead of humiliation. I believe that regression using accessories such as adult diapers can be comforting and beneficial, and I find nothing inherently shameful in ageplay.  I accept you for the little one you truly are inside and go from there.


Nanny’s History

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Icon by Cuddlehooves

My involvement with ageplay officially began when I entered the public kink lifestyle in 2012. As experimental as I am, I tried both sides; I soon discovered that taking care of someone and guiding them fulfills me on a deep level. For scenes that focus on regression and reexperiencing childhood, I love the innocence of play and the satisfaction I feel when someone can momentarily lift the weight of adulthood off of their shoulders. In other cases where darker elements such as sadomasochism are in play, the contrast between sweet, childlike wonder and pain creates a fascinating quality that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Through the years, I have learned so much about Female Domination, BDSM, and the ABDL community.

In early 2018, I realized I wanted to make a career as an ABDL babysitter. In the summer of that year, I began collecting toys, board books, and, of course, adult diapers to use in my nursery. Since I opened the nursery doors, have met so many lovely littles and ABDLs. As the nursery grows and I grow with it, I hope to meet many more.

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Services Nanny Offers

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Icon by Cuddlehooves

How can Nanny care for you? I offer a variety of services for littles and ABDLs of any gender:

  • Playful, Loving Caregiving

  • Gentle FemDom

  • Adult Diapers (wetting only)

  • Cartoons, Coloring Books, and Storytime

  • Bathtime

  • Chastity

  • Discipline, Punishments, and Rewards

  • Mentorship in Developing Kink-related Skills

  • Daily Check-ins

  • Bathroom Use Control and Reverse Potty Training

  • Diet and Fitness Control

  • Wardrobe Control

  • Puppy Play

  • Foot and Shoe Worship

  • Tickling and Tickle-Torture

  • Service-oriented Submission

  • Spankings

  • Public Outings (such as the zoo or the movies)

  • Medical Roleplay

  • Sissification

  • Light Sadomasochism

  • Dry Nursing

Rates available upon request.

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